Lockwood 005/B1MBKDP

The 005 Double Cylinder Deadbolt is a leader in deadbolt security items. Consolidating inventive safety highlights including Safety Release, LockAlert and DualSelect, the Paradigm 005 Double Cylinder Deadbolt is perfect for private and compositional applications.



  • Multi-mode slimline deadbolt enables safety, security and comfort
  • SafetyRelease naturally opens inside turn handle upon key entry from outside
  • Complies with the security and strength prerequisites of Australian Standard AS4145.2-2008 | SL8D8C6K5
  • High security cut resistant stainless steel bolt
  • Counterbalance bolt disperses load among entryway and door frame
  • Easy to set up, retrofits existing deadbolt entryway set of products
  • Available in round or square plans